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2nd Earth 

A traditional juniper led with well balanced cardamom and coriander with a hint or rhubarb. Distinguished by a beautiful sweet finish.

At 42.5% Vol this small batch copper distilled gin is a gem.

Serve with lemon and a premium tonic.


Tasting Notes

Nose is bright and clearly spice-forward contemporary style with lots of rhubarb and coriander, hints of juniper, lavender and cardamom lie just a bit further back. It’s intensely and vividly botanical, teetering just on the edge of having an ABV that make you want to breathe in too deeply. It’s loud, but I find it very inviting.

The palate has a whole lot more of the aforementioned spice-forward notes on it. There’s notes of musky rose, a heady coriander bouquet mid-palate, juniper and cumin and fennel seeds on the finish with a fairly heavy mouthfeel. The finish is long, incredibly warm and very spice forward: rhubarb and coriander seem to dominate, but there’s a hint of pine just along the edges. Although not exceptionally thick on the palate, the finish seems to go on and on and on.