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Incredible new Gin stands out in a crowded market place. Chester Gin has botanicals inspired by the Spice Trails opened by the Roman Empire.

Cassia led with forthright juniper and cardamom.

42% Vol 70cl

Tasting notes

The nose is heady with citrus and juniper, spruce branch and fir needles. Very soft, with a character that is evocative of a walk through lemon trees as it is classic, but not quite classic. There’s a hint of coriander and citrus there as well, but I would call this a cassia led gin, the producers had the Roman armies travels across Europe in mind when developing this gin and  I think they have cracked it.

The palate is creamier with more cassia, resinous juniper berry, dark coriander with hints of Icelandic moss, kale, camphor and myrtle. It’s smoothly warming, but there’s a peppery bit beneath it. Suggestive of ginger at first, it blossoms going full coriander and juniper. There’s a bit of lemon on the edges.

The finish is long with mossy undertones, pine bough and spicy high hints of coriander. It has a long enduring warmth.

The spirit itself has a nice texture and rich body. I like the softness of the spirit.