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A truly exceptional gin, we are please to announce that Pink Dog Gin has been our highest selling and most reordered gin across our whole range during 2017.

A must try!

Pink Dog Gin is a classic British Gin with a hint of rose that extends the floral notes beyond the subtle citrus and upfront juniper.

This is the most popular gin released by the Wirral based distillery famed for their high quality, small batch gins. Officially released during the Ginfest Festival in Sept 2016 where it stole the show as most popular gin at the festival.

Commonly served with a sliced strawberry and fever tree tonic with lots of ice.

A British Classic!

Tasting Notes

On the nose, Pink Dog has a delicate bouquet of rose, mixed with deeper cardamom and a touch of citrus fused into a mouthwatering mix. Tasted neat – Turkish Delight merges with the floral nose to give a full-bodied, rounded gin. Bright, slightly sour notes ping as the juniper comes to the fore alongside a warming heat. There’s depth and character a plenty with all the flavours that surround the piney core working in harmony. Soft florals citrus, leafy myrtle elements and a resinous underbelly. This is an exceptional gin.

It’s smooth to finish too. In a Gin & Tonic, the softness of the rose emerges a little more, but once again is counterbalanced by round berries and a juniper heart. Pink Dog is recommended with a strawberry garnish but we tried it with pepper corns which brought out the spiciness .

Bottle size 50cl